What are arguments for and against medical testing on animals?

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What are arguments for and against medical testing on animals?

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  1. Brett
    Simply because animals are not human does not imply they don't feel pain, despair, torture, and horror, somewhat as we do. Inflicting torturous procedures on animlas in order to spare ourselves the pain seems morally reckless at best, and arrogant to the point of hubris at worst.

    As we do not "own" these creatures, we have no inherent right to subject them against their will to what we ourselves call inhumane practices, any more than we have a right to torture animals for our amusement. The question may be posed: "What makes it morally acceptable for us to take another creature's freedom and life away from them, solely to maybe improve the qualitiy of our lives, but more likely suffer much as we ourselves would suffer, without discernable, beneficial results?"

    And worse, up until recently, this testing wasn't solely reserved for matters of life and death, or even human health; we tested with animals in order to discover the potential dangers of cosmetics (although this practice has almost stopped, and WILL stop in your lifetime). The story this tells about humans isn't even sufficiently dignified to say, "we sacrificed them that we may live", but rather, "They died in pain so that we may look good flirting."

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