What are cheats of GTA 4 for Xbox 360?

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Tell me all cheats of GTA 4 for Xbox 360. help

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    Grand Theft Auto franchise was initially a Sony PlayStation exclusive, but the expansion up on Microsoft consoles like the Xbox 360 has directed to more affluent and more comprehensive sport that take benefit of Xbox 360's graphic system. The game permits players to pass away and restart as numerous times as required, but some components of the game can become frustrating; a couple of deceive ciphers can assist along the way.

    Grand Theft Auto IV, routinely mentioned to as GTA4, permits you to go in ciphers to get diverse things like vehicles, cannons, full ammo and full life. On preceding Grand Theft Auto sport, the deceive ciphers were went into when the game was hesitated, utilising a blend of buttons on the gamepad. Please note that swindlers will sway missions and achievements, so it is suggested that you either entire your achievements first, or use a distinct profile to deceive with.

    Change Weather

    Cheat Code: 468-555-0100

    Get a Different Selection of Weapons

    Cheat Code: 486-555-0150

    Get a Selection of Weapons

    Cheat Code: 486-555-0100

    Raise Wanted Level

    Cheat Code: 267-555-0150

    Remove Wanted Level

    Cheat Code: 267-555-0100

    Restore Armour

    Cheat Code: 362-555-0100

    Restore Health, Armor, and Ammo

    Cheat Code: 482-555-0100

    Song Information

    Cheat Code: 948-555-0100

    Spawn a Cognoscenti

    Cheat Code: 227-555-0142

    Spawn a Comet

    Cheat Code: 227-555-0175

    Spawn a Jetmax

    Cheat Code: 938-555-0100

    Spawn a Sanchez

    Cheat Code: 625-555-0150

    Spawn a SuperGT

    Cheat Code: 227-555-0168

    Spawn a Turismo

    Cheat Code: 227-555-0147

    Spawn an Annihiliator

    Cheat Code: 359-555-0100

    Spawn an FIB Buffalo

    Cheat Code: 227-555-0100

    Spawn an NRG-900

    Cheat Code: 625-555-0100


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