What are critics on G20 summit?

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I want to know the critics of different leaders against G20 summit. Please tell me in detail.

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    At a G20 press group debate, Brazil's Finance Minister Guido Mantega deplored the US midpoint bank's current QE programme. "The difficulty with putting an surplus $600bn into the US economic procedure is that this wealth will not depart into goods produced, will not bring ahead trades and neither will it enhance in the household consumption. "With more wealth in the market, investors will take superiority of higher involvement rates in other positions, put the wealth into these countries' store interchanges or invest in goods, elevating the costs and producing inflation in our countries," Mr. Mantega said. Accused of impelling the dollar down to trade its way back to prosperity, Mr. Obama is looked frontwards to  retain one-on-one chats with two of the strongest opponents of his administration's monetary main purpose - Chinese President Hu Jintao and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. President Obama has said that the US only could not repair expansion but agreed to the US ought change, adding: "When all territories perform their part... we all gain from higher growth."  However, he vindicated America's "decisive achievement to cease the plunge in pursuit produced by the deepest critical purpose we have qualified in generations". And he over called on nations not to trust trade overseas to haul them out of their monetary problems. "We all now acknowledge that the groundwork for a tough and durable recovery will not materialize if American families finish collecting and depart back to paying out supported on borrowing. "Yet, no one nation can realize our connection aim of a tough, sustainable, and balanced recovery on its own. "Just as the United States ought change, so too ought those economic procedures that have beforehand relied on trade overseas to counterbalance faults in their down demand," Mr. Obama said.

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