What are custom error handling options in Alexa toolbar?

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Please explain in easy to understand language.

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  1. Guest3619
    Custom error handling and custom location bar search are optional features Alexa developed to help users gracefully recover from errors they encounter while surfing. You can disable them at any time. (See below for directions how.)  With custom error handling enabled, when you would otherwise experience some kind of error (404 Page Not Found, DNS Lookup Error, etc.) the Toolbar analyzes the page at the point of error and determines highly relevant alternatives. Whether you mistyped a URL or clicked on a broken link, rather than experiencing the effective dead end of an ‘Error 404,’ you are served relevant results intended to help you find what you were originally looking for. We preserve the broken URL you were attempting to visit, and we supplement it with links you may find useful. Custom location bar search works in a similar fashion. When you type a search term into your browser’s location bar (whether on accident or on purpose!), you are provided with highly relevant results to help speed you on your way. Note that Alexa doesn’t attempt to over-write custom error pages. If you are experiencing otherwise, let them know and they’ll correct it.

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