What are eye allergy symptoms?

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Well I do not know I thought allergy season is over but I do not think so cause my eyes still get itchy and red sometime whenever I go outside or indoor. Are these all are the eye allergy symptoms?

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  1. Guest2786
    People with SAC usually note the onset of symptoms during the spring and fall, and frequently note symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Symptoms include itchy eyes, burning of the eyes, and eye watering. In some cases, people notice sensitivity to light and blurred vision.
    The eyes are usually red and the eyelids may become swollen. When the inside of the eyelid (the conjunctiva) is also swollen, the eyes may have a watery, gelatinous-like appearance, this is called "chemosis".
    PAC typically occurs year-round, although many people notice some seasonal flares to their symptoms. The severity of PAC is less than that of SAC, and PAC is much more likely to be associated with perennial allergic rhinitis.

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