Fungal infection symptoms in dogs

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Last year on my birthday, I was gifted a German shepherd by my uncle. I really enjoy my time playing with him and it may not be wrong to say that most people around know me for having such a beautiful dog. I have been offered some good money for selling the dog but I do not have any intentions of selling it in near future or perhaps ever. Last time while I was giving my dog a bath, he was quite uncomfortable every time I touch the belly area close to the rear legs. Upon inspection I discovered some rashes and red spots in the area. I do not recall my dog hurting itself so would like to know if these are symptoms of fungal infection.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    For the dogs, the most common fungal infection is known as Ringworm. It is a skin disease caused by any of four different fungi resulting in scratches on the dog's skin making it hairless, itchy and often developing round like a curled worm. If the symptoms you find in your dog are somewhat similar to these mentioned ones, it is certainly fungal infection.

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