Fungal infection symptoms in men

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I have been into sports since I was a student in school. Most of the sports I like participating happen to be quite athletic. I often have to run lot and move all my body muscles. Sometimes I feel uneasiness in my armpits and the groin area while playing. When I try to figure out I see red marks all around which to me are the actual cause of discomfort. For this reason I would like to know about fungal infection symptoms in men.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    If you are an athlete then you must be utilizing your muscles a lot as it involves a lot of movement. When you are running or moving your hands in a way that your arms rub against your arm pits and the legs against the groin area this often creates rashes or red marks. If you do not give them enough attention they can become sore and may cause pain. Hence they are symptoms of fungal infections.

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