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I am a mother of a newly born baby girl and this is my first ever child. Since I have started breast feeding my baby I am having some kind of uneasy feeling under the breast area. When I went tried to find out the cause, I discovered some red marks like rashes in the particular area. I have never seen such marks before and quite curious to know what has caused them. One of my friends told me it could be some kind of a fungal infection. Hence I would like to know about the symptoms if fungal infection in women.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Most women try to keep themselves warm so as to protect their new born (babies) from getting cold. In doing so they like covering up their body with warm clothes that often creates moisture under some parts of the body. If the moisture is not cleaned regularly that may cause fungus to grow leaving some red marks, ringworms and rashes in a certain area. Hence if you are having same condition, these are symptoms of fungal infection. Nevertheless, it is better to see a doctor or a skin specialist before you start any treatment.

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