What are gluten allergy types?

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I have a gluten allergy; I want to know the types of gluten allergy so that I can have sufficient knowledge about this disease I am suffering from. Please inform me in detail.

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  1. Guest4918
    There are two types of proteins in gluten. Some individuals have an gluten allergy to both proteins and others are only allergic to one. People who have a gluten allergy to both proteins will have more severe reactions because it is common for both proteins to be in a variety of products together. Gliadin is often used to give products a flow and Glutenin is used to make it elastic. Doughs for breads and pastries commonly contain both types of gluten proteins. Some individuals can consume small amounts of both proteins without being affected but generally if you have a gluten allergy to both proteins you will be affected when you consume any foods with both of them present.

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