What are good multimedia design web site ideas?

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I have to build a Multimedia website and I want it to be perfect. Everyone please share your ideas for multimedia design web site.

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  1. Guest1256

    I always recommend to see ready-made website templates for getting some great web design ideas!

    Here are some cool and fantastic web design ideas you can use while designing your website.

    Swap Images:

    Swap images lok cool to design your website. Try and use them if possible for your website design. These images are very easy to design and take less time as compared to design other template or images.

    Rollover Images:

    Rollovers are my favorite. You should try to use rollovers if possible. They are very simple and give very elegant look and class to any website. If you do not like use too many images that will increase load time.  In that case you can use text rollovers.



    You should use DHTML if you have sub menus or complex navigation systems in your website. They give very neat look to your design. These are also very easy and very simple to use. There are many sites available over internet that offer free DHTML scripts for navigation systems, menus, tip boxes and more. They provide you complete and detailed instructions about using these scripts.  It is really very simple to install. You should try SimplyTheBest. It is a very good website.


    It is not recommended by any good designer to use flash an entire site. Using Flash in your website design is a good idea to make it lively.  Flash is normally used to insert animation for important part of your websites. So it needs great care for optimizing your Flash animations.  

    You can also use table in a creative way for your website design.


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