What are mechanical engineering mini projects?

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We have decided to work on Fabrication of Mini milling machine. Anybody please tell us some other mechanical engineering mini projects.



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  1. Guest7935

    Hey Martha

    Why do not you start up with Robotics as it is a good choice here, we all knows that they are very attractive in comparison to other projects and if everything goes well they will make you win.

    Next you can make something which gets its power from Sun Energy. Have you ever tried; it is quite fascinating and quite simple to do. You can do it without spending a lot of money.

    Furthermore you can find a lot of stuff and explore yourself through these outstanding mini projects. I hope you can do it with great ease and connivance. Try is must, I bet you will enjoy it a lot and in the end you want to do it again, as I did a lot of times. These projects can be classified as:

    • Car Locator Project

    • Perpetual Motion Machine

    • Catia Projects

    • Design and fabrication of Sub Marine

    • HydroPower Project

    • Aeronautical Projects

    • Design and Development of Smoke flow Visualization system

    • Lean Manufacturing

    • Generate Electricity from Dance Floor

    • Mini homemade wood lathe machine

    Share your ideas, as how you find it. I shall be very happy to have your unique comments about these mini mechanical engineering projects. I am here to be of your help, as I did it before.

    I hope you will do it easily



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