What are meta tags?

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I am computer science student, I am developing a site and I have to insert Meta tags. As a new developer I dont know the usage and importance of meta tags. Please help!

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  1. Guest8654
    Well for new students I would explain meta tags are a part of the HTML coding of your page. They contain some information about your webpage helping the search engine to understand your webpage. In your HTML web page coding the 2 important HTML tags are title tag and description tag. Title tag as the name suggests, contains the title of your web page. Similarly, the description tag contains a short description of the content on your web page. The viewer can of course only see the title of your web page in their browsers. From search engine optimization point of view the most valuable feature they offer to you as a web site owner is the ability to showcase the correct description of your webpage to search engines and thereby its users.

    There are other types of meta tags than the description tag also, but from search engine optimization point of view you need to read more only about the description meta tag and the title tag as mentioned earlier. Other meta tags are primarily meant for private communication with the browsers and search engines. Other meta tags, for example, can tell a browser what "character set" to use or whether a web page has self-rated itself in terms of adult content. For e.g. Robots meta tag is used to prevent your web page from being indexed at all. Now lets know the title and description meta tags a little more to understand their impact and how they can be of help for SEO of your website.

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