Movement disorders in children.

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It has been a few months that I had an accident. I was on the bike and had my son with me. I did not acquire any serious injury but my child landed on his shoulder when the accident took place and since then he is not able to rotate his arm. Someone kindly tell me about any movement disorders in children.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Before understanding movement disorders in children, it is better to know the names of such disorders that are listed below:

    • Tremor or shaking

    • Jerks

    • Benign Twitches

    • Spasms

    • Fixed posture or functional dystonia

    • Functional Gait Disorder

    In children, Movement disorders usually include too much or too little movement, or problem in coordination. Certain problems like injuries to the brain, genetic or metabolic conditions, medications, inflammatory or autoimmune disorders or prior infections may result in movement disorders in children. One of the most common movement disorders are Tics that include recurring eye blinking, facial movements, sniffing, coughing, throat clearing, squeaks, squeals or words and jerks of the neck or body.


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