What are some creative graphic design jobs?

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My friend a bachelor degree holder doing job in a multinational firm, now she is planning to join a class for creative design. She needs to know some creative graphic design jobs opportunities.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Below are some of the good and well scoped creative graphic design jobs:

    Video Game Design

    Graphic game designers should be expert in computer animation, illustration and graphics. Gaming is a comparable, flourishing enterprise that engages an unbelievable diversity of creativity.

    Television and Movie Design

    The demand for TV graphic designers is anticipated to increase through 2016 due to the boost in the production of TV shows, videos and the amusement industry. Designers who are well experienced in interactive media and motion graphics can relish a persuading career in the TV and movie industry.

    Large-Format Design

    Some graphic designers enjoy it as a challenge in evolving computer graphics on a much bigger aspect. These graphic designers should give that additional impel of creativity because their work is so large that it needs attention. One can't assist but observe and gaze at a vehicle enclosed in graphics.

    CD Design

    The music industry is another field in which graphic designers must be constantly striving to come up with something new and visually stunning. Graphic designers create designs for CD covers, jackets and CDs themselves."

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