What are some free clinics in boward county?

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I don't have insurance for my kids at the moment age 5 and 1 year. I have just started working here and I want to take them to a cheap or free clinic before the insurance kicks in. and also want to know about the boward country heath department mission.

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    The Broward County Health Department comprises a exclusive joint project between Broward County and the State of Florida. We accomplish achievement by employed with all of our partners in the localized public wellbeing scheme encompassing healthcare partners, the belief community, informative organisations, governmental bureaus, nonprofit assemblies and other less customary partners for example first responders and businesses. While the Broward County Health Department presents a very broad variety of direct persevering care services to some of our residents.

    There are furthermore numerous quiet services which defend the broader community’s wellbeing every day for example infection command and surveillance, ecological wellbeing and catastrophe preparedness. Public wellbeing feels all of our inhabits every day, if exactly or indirectly. The mission of the Broward County Health Department is to encourage, defend and advance the wellbeing of all of the persons of Broward County. We convey out this objective in pursuit of our dream, which is a healthier future for the persons of Broward County.

    Here is the following list of some free and cheap clinics of Boward country;


    Broward Community and Family Health Centers

    Broward Community and Family Health Centers

    Broward General Medical

    Broward Outreach Center

    Broward Outreach Center

    Central Branch Adult Outpatient and Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services

    Comprehensive Care

    Discount Dental Services (by zip code)

    Henderson Mental Health Center/Youth and Family Services

    Henderson Mental Health Services Walk in Center

    House of Hope

    Light of the World Clinic

    Living Water Care Center

    Memorial Outpatient Center – Hallandale

    North Broward Hospital District


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