What are some funny dating questions you were asked

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What are some funny dating questions you were asked

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  1. Victor Strong

     Asking questions on a date or while dating someone is far and away the best way to discover things about the other party and find out specific and vital information to learn about compatability and what the person has to offer as a long term life partner.

    I have been on several dates with many women and have had a few really bizarre or hysterical questions asked of me. I am humourous by nature, and depending on the person asking I tried my best to either answer as honestly as I could or just give the most proposterous answer that I could at the time. As fun as that sounds, here are some of the questions I have faced in my time.

    1. What is your favourite s*x position? Very bold, asked really early on the date with a straight face.

    2. Have you ever eaten cockroaches before? Not a cultural knock or anything, just seemingly a regular question to ask someone.

    3. Do you mind if I have your straw? She literally took my straw out of my drink to use it and didn't replace it.

    4. Did you know that I am psychic? A girl actually believed that she was psychic trying not one, two or three but four times to guess how many siblings I had. 

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