What are some of the Sonnet Ideas?

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My girlfriend is a student of music; she needs to know what some of the Sonnet Ideas are? Please help.

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    A sonnet is a kind of verse that has an exact structure and rhyme scheme. There are really two major kinds of sonnet. These are called the Petrarchan and the Shakespearean. The sonnet began in Italy and was generally about romance. In the 16th 100 years, sonnets became a well liked pattern in the English language. Sonnets don't have to about love anymore. Modern verse encompasses sonnets about all types of subjects.
    Petrarchan Sonnets
    The Petrarchan is the initial and most widespread pattern of sonnet. The pattern arrives from Italy, where the dialect has more rhymes than English. The verse is split up into two parts. The first eight lines present some contention or question. The next six lines change the rhyme convention, and supply a response or counterargument. A Petrarchan sonnet can be grave or funny.
    Shakespearean Sonnets
    William Shakespeare did not create the sonnet pattern that bears his title, but he did compose numerous of them. The Shakespearean sonnet is really an adaptation of the Petrarchan sonnet. It is more matched to the English language. There are 14 lines in the Shakespearean sonnet. Three groups of four lines called "quatrains" are completed off with a "heroic couplet" of two lines. The last couplet generally has a rotate or spectacular concluding to the sonnet.
    Modern Sonnets
    Poets today are less probable to use the organised and rhyming proposal of the sonnet. When poets manage select the sonnet, it is often for the sake of being witty. Modern poets furthermore angle many of the customary directions about sonnet writing. They might use more or less lines, or create a new rhyme pattern. No one gets in problem for altering the directions of poetry.
    Ideas for Sonnets
    The sonnet is habitually a good alternative for a love poem. They are short and direct, so you have to be very careful with phrase choice. Sonnets force you to state precisely what you signify while adhering to a pattern. Nature verses furthermore work well as sonnets. Try composing a sonnet that recounts an individual, location or thing. This is large perform for verse composing in general, and teaches you to be a good observer of details.

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