What are some of the acne products that work?

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One of my very good friends has severe acne on her face; I really want to help her. Is there anyone who can help me what are some of the acne products that work?

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  1. Jennifer

     "Acne can irritate the skin any part on the body, usually on the face. There are numerous creams, lathers and lotions that can reduce acne.

    Calming Soap

    Soaps that are mild in nature can cleanse the skin while alleviate the irritation and redness simultaneously. Choose soap or a cleanser that is meant for perceptive skin as it will not comprise strong chemicals like perfumes.

    Gentle Toner

    Use a mild toner that does not comprise alcoholic effect, which can dry out the skin and can infuriate skin ejections.

    Mild Exfoliate

    Exfoliate your skin to eliminate pore-clogging dead skin cells. Select a natural product for example baking soda to eliminate dead skin without creating annoying damage.

    Low-Strength Benzoyl Peroxide

    Apply benzoyl peroxide lotion that will clear the skin without annoying or damaging it. Select benzoyl peroxide cream that is 2.5 percent concentration or less.

    Oil-Free Lotion

    After applying benzoyl peroxide on the skin, use an oil-free lotion. This will hold the skin hydrated without clogging the skin."

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