What are some of the attractions in London United Kingdom?

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I am a newly immigrant in London United Kingdom and do not know much about it. Is there anyone who can tell me about the complete details of attractions in London United Kingdom? I am waiting for your quick and positive response as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

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     The Houses of Parliament with Big Ben

    The building of Houses of Parliament originates from 1840 after a blaze decimated the preceding building. The Gothic method was conceived by Sir Charles Barry with assist from A.W. Pugin. Parliamentary custom is steeped in pomp, observance and splendor. The Queen travels in her State adviser to Westminster to open each new meeting of Parliament, generally in the second week in November. A phrase of caution; in the summer months it can get attractive congested with visitors and traffic vying to traverse Parliament Square. During the Summer Opening tourists can purchase permits to trip Parliament.

    Tower Bridge

    One of the most well renowned London enticements and just over a century years vintage, the Tower Bridge with its twin drawbridges, or bascules, each weighing about 1,000 tons have been increased more than half a million times since it was built. It takes only 90 seconds for the bascules to be increased with electric driven engines which restored the vintage vapor engines.

    Buckingham Palace

    Popularly renowned as "Buck House", has assisted as the Monarch`s enduring London house since the accession of Queen Victoria. It started its days in 1702 as the Duke of Buckingham`s town house, constructed on the location of a infamous brothel, and was traded by the Duke`s child to George III in 1762.

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