What are some of the best table decoration ideas?

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I am a mother of 8 years old girl; we are planning for her birthday which is on 16 November. Please give me some best table decoration ideas of different styles.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Here are some good and easy tips for table decoration ideas:

    Candles with a Daisy Border

    Decorate your table with a yellow, lavender or baby blue tablecloth, and put three or more white or blue candles into the table's center. Cut the stems off of white daisies and organize the flower heads as a boundary round the bases of your candles. This table decor works well for a spring table.

    Pink and Red Roses

    Decorate your table with a red tablecloth and white ceramic, and put a vase topped up with pink and red roses in the middle of your table. Sprinkle pink and red rose petals round the vase and round each plate. Choose this table decor for a romantic dinner, marriage or celebration party.

    Fall Table

    Decorate a table to commemorate the season or Thanksgiving. Place a burgundy or green tablecloth up on the table and set out white ceramic and napkins to match the tablecloth. Arrange pumpkins, squash, pinecones, twigs and fall leaves along the length of the table as decorations."

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