What are some tips for dating older women

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What are some tips for dating older women

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  1. Victor Strong

     Older women are a highly sought after demographic for many young men who are looking for both a challenge as well as a more mature partner. Dating older women is becoming increasingly popular as more beautiful older women are opening the minds to the idea of dating a younger nice man. 

    In terms of you trying to impress an older lady, the following advice should help you out:

    1. Be confident -  women love a confident and self-assured man. Make sure you are such a man and exude that fact. Lacking confidence will give you no chance. 

    2. Get fit - older women are likely used to men who are older than you. Odds are those dudes are a little softer around the middle than a young strapping lad like you. Take advantage of that fact by being as buff as you can. Older beauties will take notice. 

    3. Get schooled - older women rarely fall for shaky story lines and facts. They are experienced in life and know a lot. Be sure to research and be on top of current events and wines or fashion to impress with conversation and company. 

    4. Be cautiously mature - Act your age in the sense that you are younger, but never act immature or childish. Women may have reservations about male maturity...don't make those come true. 

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