What are some ways to get more money on CreatureBreeder

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What are some ways to get more money on CreatureBreeder

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  1. Guest9798
    there is one way to get someone elses money. first you ask someone to make a designing account with you(shared). then you say you both should put in money to the account so you can afford more. before you put you half of the money in, pretend you have to log off, but really just stay on the account and don't post any comments, before you say you have to leave, say they should put in money now so they can work on a design next time they are on. once they offer thier share of money on the creature,  so you have the money, accept it then go to "Settings" and change the pass, and now you have all the money they gave to the account! then delete all favorites and change the account name and gove the money to your main account, then offer your account for free by posting the user and pass on your welcome message

    PS make sure they are NOT on the designing account when they give money, and you tell them to give the money. there is also a different version i will post soon.

  2. Guest5658

    cool mine is lovmelovme pass is diomlf

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