What are the Advantages of Authentication schemes?

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My father needs to know about the details of what are the Advantages of Authentication? Any help please?

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    The major reason of Authentication schemes is to validate the user's right to get access to the scheme and data, and defend contrary to persona robbery and fraud. While there are still drawbacks with some schemes, as the enterprise world and the electrical devices marketplace become more convoluted, the benefits of authentication are ever more obvious.
    Password Based Authentication
    The use of a password and username is the most widespread pattern of authentication utilized and is usually advised the cheapest and most befitting method. This needs the client to supply and recall a key encompassing a particular allowance of alpha and numeric individual characteristics in relative to a username or e-mail address which should be correct at each login. Passwords kept on a mesh can be encrypted to avert robbery by worker or programs conceived by hackers.
    Device Based Authentication
    Portable hardware apparatus that are alike to borrowing cards in dimensions with a magnetic narrow piece to contain facts and numbers have been conceived as an authentication method. These intelligent cards securely shop public and personal credentials data, are conveyed by the client and injected into a business card book reader adhered to a computer device. Many of these schemes need the use of a PIN and will secure down if an incorrect PIN is went into a specific number of times, stopping use if stolen. Biometric Authentication
    Some verification will not be disregarded, duplicated or stolen.
    Biometrics client authentication recognizes and verifies the persona of the client with measurements of exclusive characteristics retained in the programs server, eradicating they require for a password or identification card. Physiological statistics usually utilized are such things as fingerprint, facial acknowledgement and iris or retina scan. Voice acknowledgement, signature and keystroke scans are mentioned to as behavioral biometrics. All of the verifications affiliated with this authentication are highly one-by-one to each client and are very tough to rob or reproduce.
    The OpenID Foundation was conceived in an effort to avert perceptive data being intercepted and misused by deceitful or unsecure websites. The client password is provided only to the persona provider, and the provider verifies the client persona to the travelled to websites, which eradicates frequently saving a username and password. The client and the provider are the only entities that have get access to the password, and the client can command precisely how much data is shared.

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