What are the Nasal Allergies in Children

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My 6 year old son keeps coughing in the morning and when he lies down. He did not get better with asthma puffers and his doctor says he might be suffering from nasal allergies?

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    Nasal allergies known as "Allergic Rhinitis" in children can present in a variety of ways. The obvious symptoms of a nasal allergy include nasal congestion, a runny nose and post nasal drip. However, many are surprised to learn that in children, a persistent or recurring cough can be the main or only symptom of a nasal allergy. I am not suggesting that all children with nasal allergies cough nor am I suggesting that nasal allergies are the only cause of a cough in kids. However in this situation we have to think of nasal allergies causing your child's cough. Here are some helpful distinguishing features of a "Nasal Allergy Cough":
    A " Nasal Allergy Cough" usually worsens when there is a body change position. For example upon lying down or getting up in the morning. Once the child is asleep, the cough usually stops. An asthmatic cough usually occurs in the middle of the night after a child has fallen asleep.
    A "Nasal Allergy Cough" can occur with exercise. The nasal cough tends to occur at the beginning of the activity whereas an asthmatic cough tends to occur towards the end or after physical activity.
    A "Nasal Allergy Cough" does not improve with asthma puffers, but may get better with antibiotics. In some case there nasal secretions become infected resulting in a sinus infection, making the cough worse. Antibiotics in this circumstance will make the cough go away or improve but have no effect on asthma.

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