What are the URL recommendation to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

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I am editing the URLs of my website, to optimize it in better way I need the best recommendations to improve the URLs for search engine ranking

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  1. Guest1001
    Google is always saying that making things better for users is the ultimate goal and their advice on URLs is no different. For the best Google SEO, URL choice should be such that they are easy for users and search engines to understand. Choose simple to understand URLs that convey content information easily

    It is good to use relevant words in your URLs that reflect the content of the corresponding webpage. However, Google recommend that you avoid using excessive keywords. Also, Google recommends you avoid using odd capitalization in URLs. It is best to use all lower case.

    Another reason to avoid using complicated URLs is that users may find it difficult to create a link from a cryptic URL. If it contains too many unrecognizable parameters users may even leave off part of it because they feel it is unnecessary. This can lead to bad links which end up with confused visitors, 404 pages, and missed opportunities for back links.

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