What are the advantages of PNB India ECS Debit Scheme to the customers?

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Can any one tell me  the  advantages of PNB India ECS Debit Scheme to the customers?

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  1. Guest4187
    The advantages of PNB India ECS Debit to customers are many and include,
    * ECS Debit mandates will take care of automatic debit to customer accounts on the due dates without customers having to visit bank branches.
    * Customers need not keep track of due date for payments.
    * The debits to customer accounts would be monitored by the ECS Users.
    * Cost effective

  2. Guest150

     I made an e-ticket on 2/04/2011 ,pnr no: 2118802903, transaction id: 0326864482, from Dehradun to delhi, payment made thro' my debit sb a/c no: 1175000100009710, pnb kaulagarh road . dehra dun

    the amount of Rs.1275// has been deducted twice from my a/c videPOSP/20001001/109216288279/504 AND POSP20001001/109216545407/504

    Only one ticket has been issued, pl make refune of Rs.1275/  by crediting in my said s.b a/c

    anand prakash gera

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