What are the basic functions of Agricultural Credit Department of SBP?

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I am writing an article on the topic what are the basic functions of Agricultural Credit Department of State bank Of PAkistan? Is there any one can help me out regarding my query?

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    The Agricultural Credit Department (ACD) was established, as a fully fledged department, in 1953. The Department is mainly responsible for facilitating banks to meet the credit needs of Agricultural Sector. Basic functions of ACD are as under:
    1: To operate as a focal point in State bank of Pakistan for all agricultural and rural finance policies,programs and projects.
    2: To formulate agricultural & rural finance policies in consultation with stakeholders to ensure adequate flow of institutional credit in rural areas.
    3: To liaise with Federal and Provincial Agricultural departments and research institutes on all agri/rural finance issues,policies and projects.
    4: To assess/estimate the credit needs of agri/rural sectors and take measures / initiatives to help develop necessary institutional infrastructure to meet the credit needs of the sector.
    5: To collect periodical agriculture/rural finance data for analysis, policy formulation and dissemination to general public.
    6: To initiate and undertake information dissemination and awareness building programs for farmers and rural community about the financial services they can access from banks.
    7: To arrange special training programs, workshops, seminars, etc for the capacity building of commercial banks’ in agri/rural finance related activities.

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