What are the basic requirements of visa to Malaysia from Singapore?

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I am wandering in search of the basic requirement of the visa to Malaysia from Singapore. Can anyone please help me locate authentic information? I’ll be quite thankful to you if you could please provide me with that information correctly. Thanks!

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  1. Guest711

    Well, please follow these guidelines as part of the basic requirements for the visa to Malaysia from Singapore:

    1. The passport should be valid not less than 6 months and 1 week from the designated application day. Also, you should submit an extra booklet (if any) along with the legitimate visa marked on it.

    2. One 3.5x5.0 centimeters visa kind of image with azure hue backdrop taken lately not less than inside 3 months should be presented together with the App Form.

    3. The visa is processed in 3 working days except for the weekends, Malaysian embassy and public holidays. Hence caringly double-check that the validity of the candidate’s Social Visit Pass (SVP) for Singapore is 10 days at smallest.

    4. If you are looking for multiple entry visas for one to five years, to Malaysia from Singapore, you must be a Singapore PR or Work permit holder, counting on your passport and applicable validity of your passes.

    5. If you are applying with an SVP, you’ll be held suitable only for the Single Entry Visa.

    6. Please manage to double-check that all the needed pillars are topped up with the signatures of the candidate on app form. The candidates should go in-person to request for visa with passport, identity card or social visit pass – whatever applies to you – if in any case, you are confronting any problems downloading the application form online.


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