What are the best 10 web hosting firms in Maryland?

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I have recently moved to Maryland and with the internet of starting a small business. My business would involve a small network of computers that would later on integrate hopefully to two or three more branches. Work is not heavy and computers would total 20 to 25 units. All I need is a good provider who can provide me discount and many smart features. Space and Ecommerce is my main market. So Work involves many sorts of multimedia and I would hence need a multimedia friendly provider. Apart from that I wish to have a provider who can have package for long term dedication. If not so then please list me a worthy list of providers from where I can choose the best option for me. Can you please tell me the names of the best 10 web hosting company in Maryland?

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    Web hosting in Maryland can either be locally located or be online web hosting or even a nationwide company. It all depends on the price you can afford. Nationwide companies provided very smart services but a little more expensive for a budding business. Below I have listed some of the best web hosting service providers for your standards., Inc.  - (Metro Area, MD)

    Computerdudes - (Germantown, MD) - (Annapolis, MD)

    Atlantech Online - (Silver Spring, MD)

    Internet Connection - (Easton, MD)

    ExtremeWeb - (Gambrills, MD)

    Maryland Web Hosting - (Manchester, MD)

    dglSolutions - (Crofton, MD) - (Baltimore, MD)

    Equal Hosting - (Annapolis, MD)


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