What are the causes for mouth ulcers?

by Aalia  |  8 years, 4 month(s) ago

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What are the causes for mouth ulcers?

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    Hey Aalia,

    Oh, I know exactly what you mean I get those very often. I did a bit of research on them and basically it depends on the diagnosis. Have you seen a doctor for diagnosis? If not, it might help as the diagnosis is very important.

    I asked the pharmacist during one of my visits and he mentioned that lack of B12 is a common cause for mouth ulcers. If you are not getting enough vitamin B12 in your diet then try taking a supplement on a daily basis.

    From my recent research, another possible cause is the consumption of too much acidic fruits. I guess we can add acidic fruits to your list of things to avoid.

    1. Be gentle when brushing your teeth so as to not cause abrasions to the mouth or gums.

    2. Get alot of rest and relax as stress may also be a cause for cankers (mouth ulcers).

    3. Finally avoid food that may cause allergy reactions.

    Here are a few facts, it is most common amongst women than men. Also known as asphthous stomatitis, mouth ulcer and cankers. They vary in size and can be found around the lips and down to the top of the throat. Cankers are extemely painful, inflammation occurs near the site of the canker causing swollen lips.

    In conclusion, there are other very serious conditions that cause chronic cankers to the mouth. These conditions are known as Crohn's and Behcet and they are related to problems with the gastronintestinal tract. Some helpful remedies include rising the mouth with warm water and salt as often as possible, a medication called medijel or orajel and panadol to easen the pain. I would like to wish you good luck. You must remember to avoid acidic fruits.


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