What are the common traits of near death experiences?

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Have you ever had a near death experience? Most NDEs share certain common traits, but not all NDEs have every trait and some NDEs don't follow a pattern at all. What are the traits that "typical" NDEs share?

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  1. Aalia
    Well two feelings i know of is a feeling of calmness - These feelings may include peacefulness, acceptance of death, emotional and physical comfort. and ofcourse the all common ­­Int­ense, pure bright light - Sometimes this intense (but not painful) light fills the room. In other cases, the subject sees a light that they feel represents either Heaven or God! if you've seen ghost whisperer you'd know what im talking about!

  2. Maravarman
    in addition to that though there's the debate on the controversial out-of-body experiences (OBE) - The subject feels that he has left his body. He can look down and see it, often describing the sight of doctors working on him. In some cases, the subject's "spirit" then flies out of the room, into ­the sky and sometimes into space. People have spoken of entering into another realm or dimension. and during the OBE, the subject apparently encounters "beings of light," or other representations of spiritual entities. He may perceive these as deceased loved ones, angels, saints or God.
  3. Merlyn
    yes but what about the many NDE subjects who find themselves in a tunnel with a light at its end. They say they encounter spirit beings as they pass through the tunnel! and ofcourse communication with spirits - Before the NDE ends, many subjects report some form of communication with a spirit being. This is often expressed a "strong male voice" telling them that it is not their time and to go back to their body. Some subjects report being told to choose between going into the light or returning to their earthly body.
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