What are the features of Safari Apartments in Bahria town Rawalpindi?

by Guest2272  |  12 years, 10 month(s) ago

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Every Project of Bahria town Rawalpindi gives good and wide houses. Can someone tell me the features of apartments offer by Safari Apartments?

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  1. Guest3824
    Safari Apartments are providing some very attractive features, 3 Bed Apartments, 2400Sq ft covered area, Elevator is available in Safari Apartments II, Entry point of every block is wide, A common compound wall with security checks point to prevent unauthorized entry, Balconies with all apartments, Finest quality finishes, Maximum utilization of interior spaces, Membership opportunities at recreational facilities  and safari club, Concierge facility at the reception lobby of each building, 24 hour maintenance, Household waste removal, Common area cleaning, Common area landscaping.

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