What are the guidelines of Bingo Games?

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What are the guidelines of Bingo Games?

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    The casino operator shall set the minimum and maximum wager limits at each gaming table, subject to any directions issued by the Authority

    -The minimum and maximum wager limits permitted at a table shall be displayed on a sign at the table. Unless stated on the sign, wagers are not required to be made in multiples of the minimum.

    -No minimum table wager limit shall be raised, nor shall any maximum table wager limit be reduced, unless:

    (a) A sign indicating the new limit or limits and the proposed time of change has been displayed at the table for at least 20 minutes before the time of the change; or

    (b) All players at the table agree to the change; or

    (c) The table is being opened for gaming for the first time in a gaming day; or

    (d) There is no gaming activity taking place at the table.<br />
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