What are the health issues by body piercing tattoo?

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My younger sister wants to have body piercing or tattoo work on her body. I need to know the authentic facts about health issues by body piercing tattoo.

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  1. Jennifer

     "Piercings and tattoos are the ways of body adornments that proceed back to very vintage times. In the process of body piercing a hole is being made in the skin so one can inject jewelry in that body hole. Commonly it has been practiced in the earlobe, but can be in other areas of the body. Whereas, tattoos are the sketches on the skin made with needles and tinted ink. We can say that permanent makeup is a kind of tattoo.

    Common health issues by body piercing and tattoo are:

    • Allergic reactions

    • Keloids, a kind of mark that creates in healing process

    • Infections, for example hepatitis

    In order to decrease the chances, confirm that the instruments using during this process should be is clean, protected and the parlor is well renowned. Appropriate sterilization of the instruments is important. Be certain to pursue the directions for nourishing your skin."

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