What are the kinds of splices and joints?

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Electrical wire splices and joints, I need help urgently! Thank You!

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  1. Guest2561
    wrapped tapped joint

  2. Guest4207
  3. Guest7798
    wraooed tap joint , duplex joint , cross joint .......... ive forgot ! aw!
  4. Guest9237
    plain tap
    western union
    double tap
  5. Guest189
    s***w terminals, braided eyelets, plugs and sockets, insulated s***w connectors, wire clip connectors (wire push-ins), twists inside wire nuts, plain wire soldered joints, soldered wire joints to posts and soldered legs for integrated circuits on printed circuit boards.
  6. Guest2672
    some are rat tail,pig tail,terminating fixture joint,under writer joint,
    duplex wire,cross joint,tee joint,multiple wrapped joint,ordinary wrapped joint,spit wrapped joint,brittania splice,scarfed splice,through fixture joint,western union long-tie,western union short-tie,double tap joint.there are 19 common slpice and joint but i"ve got some 16 splice and joint.I love sharing some information to people
  7. Guest1816
    western union splice
    rat tail
  8. Guest9043

    tanga kau lhat

  9. Guest5350

    f**k you

  10. Guest1369

    Ano ba iyan. Mga pinoy, umayos nga kayo. Parang mga **** kayo eh. (-.-). Pinoy tayo, umayos kayo! >:O

    Ito, o! (Here!)

    1.  Rat Tail Joint.

    2. Western Union Short-Tie Splice.

    3. Western Union Long-Tie Splice.

    4. Plain Tap or Tee Joint.

    5. Knotted or Loop Tap Joint.

    6. Through Fixture Joint.

    7.Terminating Fixture Joint.

    8. Ordinary Cross Joint.

    9. Double Wrapped Cross Joint.

    10. Small Aerial Joint.

    by: (Festbawi) Your welcome! (:D)

  11. Guest4953

    slamat po..!! may answer na kmi sa T.L.E. nmin..!!!thnx poh..



  12. Guest4051

     ano pong meaning ng mga kinds of splices and joints?.. atska po images?

  13. Guest2388

     thanks for those information...

    it helps me a lot..

    now i have my project on our T.L.E. subject

    thanks folks!

  14. Guest7563

    ung c guest 22503165 kakalase ko yan eh......pero salamat nga pala kay guest22479021......

  15. Guest6592

    wala ba kayong definitions and pictures?? sana meron man lang..

    share nio nmn po.. :)) thank you. :))

  16. Guest4602

     amfnes ung mga basic!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Guest119

    para sa maga nagsasabi ng tanga sa kapwa niya. kaya nga nagtatanong dahil di alam. kaawa awa naman ka dahil konting kaalaman lang na meron kau ay ipinagyayabang nyo pa. Mas mainam pa ang nagtatanong maraming kaalamang makukuha.

  18. Guest6175

    basic electrical splices and joints : western union splice

    rat tail joint

    tap joint




  19. Guest6250

    san niyo nakuha yang mga yan?

    wala bang specific site jan?

  20. Guest4205
    terminating fixture joint
    rat tail joint
    scarfed splice
    wrapped tapped splice
    small herial top joint
    britania joint
    plain top joint
    double cross tapped joint
    ordinary cross tapped joint
    western union long joint

    sana bigyan mo kami nang answer...please
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