What are the main UK visa requirements for Sri-Lankans?

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I am living in Candy, Sri Lanka and want to know the exclusive UK visa requirements. Share any useful piece of information regarding immigration. I have asked some friends but they did not satisfy me with their answers. I am seriously looking for some help in this regard. Can someone here tell me the details about UK visa? I would be really great full.

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  1. Guest2818

    I have gathered this information for you from UK boarder Agency website:

    If you are in Sri Lanka you must apply at our visa application centre in Colombo run by our commercial partner, VFS Global.

    Their commercial partners only collect visa application forms and supporting documents, biometric finger scans and the visa application fee. Commercial partners are not involved in the decision making process.

    VFS Global is a commercial company, working in partnership with the UK Border Agency at the British High Commission here in Sri Lanka providing services to help people apply for a visa to enter the United Kingdom (UK).

    You will find information on this site, supplied by the UK Border Agency, about how to apply for a visa to enter the UK, if you need one. You can also use the VFS free email service and telephone enquiry service (20 LKA per minute plus tax) to obtain the same information. VFS also manages the visa application centre in Colombo where you should submit your completed visa application form, supporting documents and biometric data. Please see the 'Contact Us' page on this website for the VFS visa application centre address and contact details. Information about the UK's Immigration Rules and policies can be found on UK Border Agency website.

    For more information go to:


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