What are the most appealing features of Christchurch?

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I am new to this Christchurch and want to have some unique information regarding this unique city. Do you have any information regarding Christchurch and its famous places? If you do so, than please share it with me, a I am in a great need of such exclusive information about Christchurch. Moreover, how much the city has been affected by the recent earth quake?

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  1. Guest5099

    Christchurch is the largest city and the second biggest urban area of New Zealand. It’s a lively place and there are a lot of places with full of attraction. Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, Tranquil beaches, Christchurch Cathedral, Manchester and Lichfield Streets, hotel and beautiful gardens are not the only places which are the most prominent features of Christchurch.

    No doubt, after the recent earth quake the city has been quite changed and a lot of buildings have been destroyed. But still the city is beautiful and attracts new comers. The rehabilitation work is in process and the city is reviving again.

    The city is open for all and anyone come and enjoy the beauty of this extraordinary place. The only thing which really matters is the time constraint, as there is a lot of stuff to witness if you can manage to stay in the city. Feel free to ask anything which is based on Christchurch and share your comment here. Our team of experts is always here to be of your help. All live support and online help is available here.



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