Prominent herpes virus symptoms according to medical science.

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The only information I have about herpes viruses is that they are one of the major cause of human viral disease, right after influenza and cold viruses. However, I have come to know that they have the ability to cause explicit diseases by reactivating some silent or old ones. Someone kindly tell me about symptoms of herpes virus.

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  1. Harrydgr8

    The herpes are mainly oral and genital. Some common symptoms for both of them are provided below.

    • Typically develops within      2 to 20 days after contact and continues upto 2 weeks

    • Can go unnoticed as it is      very mild

    • Can prolong in some while      prove to be less severe in some cases

    • Sometimes causes visible      sores in the first attack

    • The maximum time it takes      is between 10 - 21 days

    • Swollen lymph glands

    • Painful inflamed blisters      developing near the infected area

    • Headache, muscle ache and      fever

    • Discharge of v****a or      p***s

    • causing a burning      sensation during urination due to infection of the urethra

    • burning feeling in the      genitals

    • pain in lower back

    • Small red bumps are      produced in the genital area after initial symptoms and later merge into      painful    blisters that crust over,      form a scab, and heal later.

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