What are the reactions caused by allergies?

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I have some food allergies and sometime after eating certain food I feel pain in my stomach, what are the allergic reactions caused by food and how what type of complications they can cause?

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    Allergic reactions are sensitivities to substances which are known as allergens, as they contacted through the skin, inhaled into the lungs, swallowed or injected. Allergic reactions are common in people who suffer from different types of allergies. The immune response that causes the allergic reaction is somewhat similar to the response that causes hay fever. Most of these reactions happen just after you contact with the allergen.

    Most of these reactions are mild while on the other hand these can be severe and life threatening. They occur in most of the people who have a history of allergies. There are substances which do not normally trigger allergic reactions in certain people such as venom from bee stings and from certain foods, mediations and pollens can cause severe allergic reactions in many people. The first-time exposure only produces a mild reaction, while the repeated exposures can lead to serious reactions. Once a person has developed an allergic reaction he then becomes sensitized, and even a very limited exposure to a very small amount of allergen can trigger a severe reaction. Some of the allergic reactions can be mild while some can be serious. Some of them can be confined to small area of body while other might effect the whole body.


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