What are the reason of cholera spread in Haiti?

by Guest1233  |  12 years, 9 month(s) ago

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As cholera is spread in Haiti and killing people, I wonder what might be the reason behind its spread.

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  1. Daniel Phil

    Normally Cholera outbreaks occur when there are disasters anything that creates loss of sanitary human waste disposal. In such situations there’s always lack of safe fluids and foods for people to ingest. That was the same reason in Haiti, the massive earthquake destroyed sanitary facilities and water and food treatment facilities for many Haitians and so it gave chance to V. cholerae (the bacteria responsible for the illness) to spread into primary water sources. It was one of the massive Cholera attacks in the history of Haiti whereby it hit 4100 death toll from the disease!


  2. Guest5371
    The exact reason of spreding cholera in Haiti is still a myster to health experts. They are trying to find out the reasons, but mostly cholera spread because of eating food or drinking water that's been contaminated by f***s from someone infected with the bacterium.
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