What are the special admission requirement of Box Hill Institute?

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Can someone tell me that what are the special admission requirement of Box Hill Institute? I have search a lot of it but cannot find it.

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  1. Guest7725
    Some courses may have additional entry requirements such as a portfolio of designs and artwork. Often these folios are provided on CD, making them easier to reproduce and replace.
    Applications for music courses must be accompanied by an audition tape or DVD in which the applicant demonstrates their music performance ability.
    Some courses involving workplace training activities in health and community services may require applicants to provide a police check and proof of immunization against specific diseases.
    While an academic prerequisite of Year 12 or equivalent is generally required, certain courses may also stipulate certain subject passes, for example Year 12 mathematics or physics.
    Computer literacy is recommended for all courses as computer use may be expected for research.

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