What are the specifications of Acer 10.1 Android tabs?

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Acer 10.1 Android tabs. What are the specifications of the Acer 10.1 Android tabs? Can someone tell me the details of Acer 10.1 Android tabs processor?

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  1. Guest5716
    We spoke of the two new Acer Android tablets earlier this week. However, when Acer showed off their upcoming tablets in the recent Acer conference, we heard no news that the brand would have 10.1-inch versions of their Acer tablet running on Windows 7. What’s more, these are speculated to be powered by AMD’s dual-core C-50 Ontario accelerated processing unit. The AMD chip is said to run on just 9W of power, in addition to packing a built-in Radeon HD 6250 graphics chip. Additionally, DigiTimes is also reporting that Acer’s 10.1-inch Android slate rocks Tegra 2 and will competitively support WiFi and 3G. All this makes the tablet market a lot more exciting but will a Windows 7 tablet appeal to you more than an Android tablet?

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