What are the symptoms of Acne?

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I have some moles on my skins, I want to know about the symptoms of Acne so that I can stay away from then and in case they appear, I can start the treatment of these Acne at once.

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    Here are some of the following symptoms of Acne.


    Crusting of skin eruptions



    Redness around the skin eruptions

    Scarring of the skin


    Blackheads are small and dark spots which are caused by a small plug which lies in the opening on the skin. Blackheads are also known as comeodomes. Blackhead is also known as open comedo which is the plural of comedones, it is like a yellow or blackish bump on the skin. These are caused by excess oils that accumulate in the sebaceous gland duct. The blockage might look like yellow brown color as a result of its content.

    Cyst is a closed sac that has a distinct membrane and division near the tissue. It might contain air fluids, or semi solid material. A collection of pus is known as abscess. A cyst could go away or can be removed with the surgery.

    Then there are whiteheads which are also known as milia, which are small bumps on the skin. These are acne growths. Although Acne most frequently occurs on skin and effect millions of people all over the world, whiteheads are the most common type of Acne. Scars are the areas of fibrous tissue that replace normal skin .The scar is caused through a biological process of wound repair in the skin and from the other tissues of the body.


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