What are the symptoms of Allergic Conjunctivitis?

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I want to know about Allergic Conjunctivitis, what are its causes and how I can prevent from it, what are the symptoms of this allergy, tell me about the risks involved in this disease.

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    Allergic Conjunctivitis is known as the inflammation of the tissue linings near the eyelids which is resulted from the allergy causing reactions like pollen and dander. When your eyes are exposed to something that you are allergic to, histamine is then released and the blood vessels becomes swollen in the conjunctiva, it is clear membrane that covers the white eye. After that redness of the eye starts developing very quickly and then it is accompanied by itching and also tearing.

    These kind of Allergies tend to run in the families, and although there is no obvious mode of inheritance which is recognized. The incidence of allergy is much difficult to determine, as many different conditions are lumped under the term allergy. In this case rubbing the eyes makes the situation worse. Symptoms are seasonal and they include Red Eyes, Dilated vessels in the clear tissue that cover the white eye, similarly there is intense itching and burning of the eyes that is felt. In the morning your eyes become Puffy especially your eyelids change in this disease. There is a Stringy Eye Discharge that occurs in this disease.

    Look out for white blood cells which are known as eosinophils, in scrapings, secretions or discharge. There is a small raised bump on the inside of eyelids.


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