What are the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?

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What effect does Bipolar Disorder has on the life of a person, what are its side effects, what are the symptoms of this disease, how can I know that a person has bipolar disorder, can you tell?

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    The manic phase of bipolar disorder might last from two days to months, this shows some of the following symptoms in a human body:

    The symptoms of this disease are:

    Agitation or Irritation

    Elevated mood can occur in Bipolar disorder. The moods which are involved in this type of behavior are Hyperactivity, Increased energy, Lack of Self Control and Racing thoughts. Other symptoms are Inflated Self Esteem which means delusions of grandeur, false beliefs in the special abilities, a person might feel little need for sleep, Over involvement in the activities, Poor temper control might also be due to Bipolar Disorder, Reckless behaviors such as Drug use, Impaired Judgement, Sexual Promiscuity, Spending Sprees and developing a tendency to easily get distracted might also be due to Bipolar Disorder.

    These symptoms of the mania can be seen with the bipolar disorder 1. In people with bipolar disorder 2, the hypomanic episodes involve similar symptoms which are less intense:

    The depression phase of both the types of these bipolar disorder involves some of the very serious symptoms of depression:

    A person might feel difficulty in concentrating, remembering or making decisions.

    Eating disturbances might also result from this type of disorder such as:

    The Loss of Appetite and the weight loss

    Overheating and the weight gain

    Fatigue or Listlessness

    Developing the feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness or guilt.

    Loss of Self Esteem

    Persistent sadness

    Developing persistent thoughts of death

    Sleeping Disturbances, such as developing excessive sleepiness or having the inability to sleep.

    Developing suicidal thoughts

    Withdrawal from the activities that were once enjoyed

    Withdrawal from friends.


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