What are the term Mediums?

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My girlfriend is searching for the details about What are the term Mediums? Is there anyone who can help her please?

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    The "middle man" between the personal world and the religious world, an intermediate is an commonplace individual, male or feminine, with the proficiency to broadcast with the spirits of those who are deceased. Through untested meetings, or séances, mediums supply clues of the reality of the afterlife. There are distinct types of mediumship practiced; although, mental mediumship and personal mediumship are the most dominant.
    Mental Mediumship--Clairvoyance
    The delineation of clairvoyant is "clearly seeing." Clairvoyant mediums have an extrasensory insight of sight. They can glimpse the essence they are in communicating with either with their mind's eye, with their personal eyes or both. The pictures they glimpse manage not comprise the future, but are founded on the past. However, there are some clairvoyant mediums that are adept to forecast the future. Images glimpsed by these mediums are not habitually of the human form; they can be an animal or an object as well.
    Mental Mediumship--Clairaudience
    A clairaudience intermediate learns the essence other than sees it. The delineation of clairaudience is "clear hearing." An intermediate of this sort learns the voice in her brain, her ideas or with her personal ears. These voices may be unclear or as clear as if the essence was in the identical room. Sometimes clairaudience mediums discover vocalising or melodies rather than of or in supplement to voices.
    Mental Mediumship--Clairsentience
    The most widespread pattern of mental intermediate boat is clairsentience. Clairsentience entails "clear presence." This entails that the intermediate senses the occurrence of a essence, generally through feelings. They may bodily seem a feel or they may seem freezing breezes. They might even stink fragrances affiliated with the spirit. Clairsentience mediums occasionally aid administration in lawless individual investigations.
    Physical Medium ship--Transfiguration
    When the lighting in the room is befitting, the face of the essence can be glimpsed on the face of the medium. This is called transfiguration. Sometimes the facial characteristics of the intermediate absolutely disappear.
    Physical Mediumship--Direct Voice
    This kind of intermediate values a cone-shaped object called a trumpet to broadcast with the spirit. The trumpet has a aperture at each end. It is put in the center of the table and when the essential air is present, the trumpet rides high and sound appears from the sharp end.
    Physical Mediumship--Apports
    Sometimes spirits convey forward personal things to their loved ones, called apports. These can be jewelry, publications, cash or other important objects.
    Physical Mediumship--Trance
    A trance happens when a essence takes over a medium's body. The essence communicates with the voice and body of the medium. The intermediate is in a sleep-like state, withdrawing her own ideas, but is cognizant of the occurrence of the spirit.

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