What are the treatment of wheat allergy?

by Guest7509  |  9 years, 2 month(s) ago

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I was diagnosed with food allergies; the worst thing is that I am allergic to wheat and milk. Is anyone can tell me what the treatment of wheat allergy is?

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  1. Guest8224
    While there's no substitute for moderation when it comes to wheat and the other gluten containing grains (oats, rye and barley), there is a product that can help you when you've over-indulged in them. Glutenzyme is an enzyme product that is designed specifically to break down the proteins within wheat that are very hard to digest. With the use of Glutenzyme, you can improve your body's ability to digest and process wheat and other similar grains. A very popular product in Europe, Glutenzyme can help relieve gastric distress, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and other symptoms associated with wheat/gluten intolerance. People who use Glutenzyme may lose a good bit of water weight when undigested grains seen as a toxin are reduced and inflammation in the bowel is decreased. Patients have stated they feel lighter and less "bloated". They also feel more energetic and have greater mental clarity than they can ever remember!

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