Types of fungal infections

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I work as an administrator in one of the best hospitals in town. It has been just about a few months that I have been appointed here. On the daily basis I come across with patients having several diseases, the names of those being still quite new for me. Somehow I often get confused when people come for treatment with fungal infections as the conditions I see are not the same in all cases. For this reason I would like to know about the types

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  1. Harrydgr8

    Generally speaking there are three different types of infections caused by fungi and they are categorized as Superficial, systematic and opportunistic infections. The superficial infections include yeast vaginitis, oral thrush, and athletes’ foot while systematic includes cocci and histoplasma. The last one which is opportunistic infection usually includes both systematic and superficial infections. They are usually found in people with weak immune system of the body.

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