What are the uses of Uses for Aquamarine?

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Me and my husband is searching for the details what are the uses of Uses for Aquamarine?

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    Aquamarine portions a gemological kinship with green emerald, pink morganite and golden heliodor. Just as "emerald" entails both a hue and a pebble, "aquamarine" recounts a vivid blue-green shadow as well as the beryl gem itself. The semiprecious gem's title entails "seawater" in Latin; like the ocean, the stone's hue varies from a nearly clear icy azure tinged with green to a deep azure.
    Diamond Substitute
    At its palest, an aquamarine seems nearly colorless. While it needs diamond's bright blaze, aquamarine's glisten and clarity make it a superficially believable alternate for diamond. Aquamarines are hardy gems; at a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, they're apt for commitment jewelry. Consider an aquamarine commitment ring if you object to the cost of a precious gem, but desire a natural pebble with a attractive luster.
    Vintage Jewelry
    Aquamarine's characteristic hue has timeless apply in vintage jewelry.
    Despite its relation hardness, aquamarine's crystal structure makes the pebble so straightforward to latest tendency into gems. For early jewelers who needed power devices and electric driven grinders for gem chopping, effortlessly formed pebbles were understandably popular. While untainted azure aquamarines deal best today, vintage jewelry comprises a variety of blue-green to greenish gems. You're probable to find abounding of showy aquamarine cocktail rings and chokers in midcentury concepts as the stone's aqua hue asked to 1950s tastes.
    Display Gems
    Aquamarine crystals can augment huge.
    Raw aquamarine crystals can augment so large that mineralogists weigh them in pounds, not carats. While a gem-quality aquamarine that weighed a couple of ounces would make an impractical ring, it makes an appealing paperweight. Gem collectors reward oddly large, clear or colorful aquamarine specimens. Raw aquamarine's lustrous hue makes it appealing in its own right, but a gifted lapidary can polish the pebble into customary slashes or innovative types that focus the exclusive form of an one-by-one crystal's growth.
    Birthstone Jewelry
    Why persons aide certain pebbles with the months of the year is unsure, but the perform of attributing shielding or fortuitous features to gems founded on anniversaries is not less than as vintage as very vintage Rome. Whether they offer defense or not, birthstones have become a kind of visual shorthand. Family rings characteristic aquamarines and other birthstones as emblems of each progeny or offspring the wearer has. Aquamarine directions March, though persons who commemorate a November anniversary occasionally assertion it as well because the gem examines alike to azure topaz.
    Aquamarine Lore
    An aquamarine sphere makes a handsome crystal ball.
    As its title proposes, aquamarine was a very well liked of Roman boat crew who accepted the gem's tranquil azure hue conveyed serene seas. Legend has it that aquamarines change hue counting on the wearer's mood; they don't, but they manage change hue counting on the bend at which the viewer sees them. Mineralogists call this attribute pleochroism. Aquamarine formed into a sphere is said to give the intermediate utilising it a coherent outlook of the future.

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