What are walmart canada current jobs opening?

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I have worked with walmart stores before and I want to join them again in canada. Does anyone here knows the current job openings at walmart canada?

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  1. Guest2860

    You can see Walmart Canada current jobs openings on their respective website that is:

    Here you can view some open Walmart positions, but you need registration on the Walmart website for posting your CV and for applying online for some jobs.

    You have to complete a Walmart job application and pass through a pre-employment assessment test to determine your suitability for employment at Wal-Mart that Depends on the job type you are planning to apply. You can apply online for positions at Walmart stores, corporate, logistics, and at Sam's Club by logging on Online Hiring Center and Employment Registration System.

    Wal-Mart employee benefits are health insurance, incentive/bonus plan, profit sharing, 401(k), store discounts, education and other benefits of Walmart employment. All Walmart associates (full and part time) can become eligible for insurance benefits.

    The average full-time wage for Wal-Mart stores is about $10.83 per hour.  In urban areas daily wages are higher as compared to other areas. The average full-time hourly wages vary in different cities. It is $12.57 per hour in Boston, $11.62 per hour in Atlanta, $11.52 per hour in Chicago, $11.49 per hour in San Francisco, $11.48 per hour in New York City, and $11.26 per hour  in Dallas. Associates of Walmart also get performance-based bonuses.

    Wal-Mart is one of the leading private employers in the United States; it is one of the largest employers in Canada and Mexico.

    There are more 2 million people working in Walmart world widely. More than 1.4 million are employed only in the United States. Walmart hires people for both full time part time work.


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